2018 Fabriele Disability Awareness Scholarship

Fabriele Law values the Jersey Community and aims to contribute beyond criminal defense. Having taken a special interest in the rights of disabled Americans, the Fabriele Disability Awareness scholarship will award $1,000 to an applicant who thoroughly discusses how the Americans with Disabilities Act has either helped or hindered Americans.

Applicants must submit a 500-word statement in response to the prompt: “From your own experience or that of a family member, please describe how the Americans with Disabilities Act has helped, fallen short, or failed in protecting the rights of Americans with disabilities.”

Scholarship Eligibility

To be eligible for The Disability Awareness Scholarship, applicants must be enrolled in an institution of higher education for the Fall Semester of 2018 and currently have a minimum cumulative GPA of 3.3 or higher. Applicants may still submit an application if awaiting admission or deciding on an institution, however, the selected individual must be enrolled for the Fall of 2018 semester before receiving the financial aid.


To apply for this scholarship, please submit:

  • A current resume,
  • An unofficial academic transcript
  • A 500-word statement discussing how you or someone you know has benefitted or been harmed by the Americans with Disabilities Act. The recipient must display a clear personal interest in the topic.
  • Deadline

    If you would like to apply for this scholarship, the deadline is October 31, 2018. The selected recipient will be posted on the website during the fall of 2018.

    Please send your complete application to info.fabrielelaw@gmail.com with this subject line: “[Applicant’s Name] - The Disability Awareness Scholarship” by the October 31 deadline.

    Thank you for your interest in The 2018 Disability Awareness Scholarship.