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You have likely experienced how difficult it is to overcome the stigma of a criminal record after you successfully completed your sentence. Many people feel frustrated that they have to struggle with finding employment after having paid their debt to society. You may be eligible to have your record expunged. Contact our office today to learn more about expungements and if you are eligible to have your New Jersey arrest and/or criminal record expunged. Our office handles these matters for a reasonable flat rate. Contact us to learn more.

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An expungement does not technically mean that your criminal record is “erased.” When your record is expunged it is isolated, and is no longer available for view by a variety of government agencies and public sources. Once your record is expunged, it will not be seen by courts, the police, the FBI, and will not appear on background checks. This provides relief for many individuals who are trying to get their life back together. Criminal records often have an impact on job applications, professional licensing boards, the ability to get a loan, and the ability to purchase a firearm. Once your record is expunged, it will be as though the offense did not happen; you will be able to truthfully, and legally deny having a criminal record, and will not be obligated to disclose the offense in any situation.

Unfortunately, not everyone is eligible for an expungement. Individuals who are convicted of sex crimes, homicide, kidnapping, arson, robbery, perjury, or false swearing will never be permitted an expungement. Also, if you were formerly a public officer holder, and your crime affected your position, you will not be eligible for an expungement.

Examples of individuals who would be eligible include:

  • A person who has been arrested or charged with a crime, but who was never indicted, was found not guilty, or who had the charges dropped
  • An individual who has been charged with a disorderly persons offense, and who has not had another offense before or after the offense five years following the completion of the sentence
  • A person who had charges dropped after successfully completing a diversion program or pre-trial intervention program, who has not been charged with another offense 6 months following completion
  • A person who has been charged with an indictable crime, has no other history of any other offenses, completed all parts of their sentence five or more years ago, and can show that it is in the public’s interest to have the charges expunged.
  • A person who has been charged with an indictable crime, has no other history of any other offense, and completed all parts of their sentence ten or more years ago.

The rules for eligibility for an expungement are complex. If you feel you are a good candidate, contact our office for a free consultation.

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There are many deadlines and a great deal of paperwork involved in petitioning for a New Jersey record expungement. A hearing will be set for 25-60 days after the filing of your application with the Superior Court. The state will have the opportunity to file an objection. The judge will grant your expungement and sign the necessary order if no objection is filed. The order must then be served upon the appropriate government agencies. Our office will ensure that all of the paperwork, supporting documents and filing fees are completed and turned in on time. We will also ensure that all agencies are served and that your record is expunged in a timely fashion. We will also argue in your favor in the event there is an objection to the petition. Having your record expunged may make the difference between moving on with your life, and continuing to be stigmatized by a criminal record. Our office will make sure it gets done right. Call us today.