New Jersey Possession of Marijuana Lawyer

Marijuana possession is one of the most common crimes charged in New Jersey. As other states begin to legalize, decriminalize, and approve marijuana for medical use, it is understandable that New Jersey residents may be confused about our state's laws. It is important to understand that using, possessing, or being under the influence of marijuana remains a crime in New Jersey regardless of your views on the topic. Our state will charge you with a "disorderly persons" offense if you are found to be in possession of 50 grams or less. Contact a New Jersey marijuana possession lawyer today to learn how an experienced defense attorney can assist you in the event that you have been arrested for a marijuana offense in New Jersey.Building a Defense

You will not be convicted of a crime simply because law enforcement officials find marijuana in your home, vehicle, or on your person. As with other drug-related charges, marijuana cases often hinge on whether your constitutional rights were violated when the marijuana was discovered. A police officer may not search your person or vehicle unless they have probable cause to believe that you are engaging in criminal activity. This "probable cause" must be based on the officer's thinking, observations, and experience, and they must be reasonable. If there was not probable cause justifying the search then the evidence can be excluded from Court, essentially ending the case, by filing a Motion to Suppress the evidence. Hiring a marijuana possession lawyer in New Jersey who understands these rights is key in any marijuana-related case.

Attorney John B. Fabriele, III will aggressively protect your rights in any marijuana-related matter. Once retained John get the police reports, and any other evidence necessary to mount your defense. He is well-experienced in search and seizure law and will file the appropriate motions if your rights were violated at the time the drugs were discovered. If you have been charged in such a case DO NOT “roll over”, and accept the first plea deal offered by the prosecutor. Evidence is suppressed more often than people realize, and you may very well have a strong defense. Contact a New Jersey marijuana possession attorney today to learn more.

Hiring An Attorney

Drug-related matters will have a lasting impact on your life. The mark placed on your criminal record may prevent you from obtaining employment and can even prevent you from obtaining federal student aid. In other words, getting caught with "just a little weed" impacts the lives of people far more than many realize. John is an experienced New Jersey marijuana possession lawyer who has been fighting for the rights of the accused since the 1990's. When you retain our office you receive the benefit of years of insight and experience which many attorneys lack. 

This experience brings a familiarity with the New Jersey court system, which allows John to understand the probable outcomes of various defense strategies. This is important to your future. Do not risk your well-being to an inexperienced attorney. Contact our office today to discuss your case with John. The consult is free.

New Jersey Marijuana Possession Lawyer