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New Jersey Attorney Handling a Wide Range of Criminal Related Matters

There are a number of instances where New Jersey residents require the assistance of an attorney. These may include situations when someone has just been arrested and needs help during an interrogation, where one may be facing charges and needs advice, or an instance where someone nneds an appeal filed or is looking to have their record expunged. If you require the services of an attorney for these situations, or others, then contact John B. Fabriele, III, Esq. today.

New Jersey lawyers providing assistance to defendants in custody

There are a number of situations where a person in custody may require the services of a lawyer. Typical cases of this type include:

  • Needing a bail reduction
  • Being in custody for a probation or parole violation
  • When a juvenile is in detention for having committed an offense
  • When in custody for domestic violence
  • When a person is being interrogated

If you are facing any of these situations then contact our office immediately.

Providing aggressive representation after a defendant’s case has concluded

There are also numerous instances where a person may require the assistance of a lawyer after their case has concluded. These matters include:

  • Petitioning for expungement of a criminal record
  • Appealing a criminal conviction

John has been practicing law for nearly 20 years and is able to represent you in each of these matters.

Assisting New Jersey residents who have been charged criminally

Our office provides representation for clients currently caught up in the legal system. These circumstances include:

  • Representing a defendant charged with ordinance violations
  • Providing representation in domestic violence cases
  • Representation at restraining order hearings
  • Representation for allegations of violating restraining orders
  • Providing legal assistance to juveniles who are alleged to be delinquent

Our attorneys are experienced in each of these areas and are able to assist you. Contact us today.