New Jersey Drug Paraphernalia Attorney

Drug paraphernalia includes any item whose purpose is to process, package, produce, store, or consume drugs of any kind. It is illegal to be in possession of items meant for drug use in New Jersey. While paraphernalia charges are heard in Municipal Court, being found guilty includes a mandatory driver’s license suspension of at least 6 months. It is important to take the allegations seriously if you are charged in a paraphernalia-related offense. A New Jersey drug paraphernalia attorney experienced in handling drug charges may be able to negotiate the charges down, or have them dismised altogether. Call a defense attorney in New Jersey to discuss your case.

Drug Paraphernalia Penalties

Paraphernalia is a general term referring to any item that is commonly related to drug usage. Examples include pipes, rolling paper, and syringes, but may include plastic bags or straws, or scales depending on the context. Possession of paraphernalia is a disorderly persons grade offense, and the penalties may include up to 6 months in jail, a $1,000 fine, and the suspension of a persons driver’s license. While first time offenders generally avoid jail time, the drug charge will appear on all background checks and may hurt your employment opportunities.

John is experienced in fighting drug related charges. After examining all of the facts of your case, John will determine whether or not evidence was obtained against you illegally, will question police protocols used to test your belongings for drug residue, and will determine whether or not you were searched in violation of your Constitutional rights. John has had incredibly successful results in having paraphernalia charges dropped after discovering police protocols were not followed. If you have been caught with paraphernalia, do not enter a plea without speaking to a New Jersey drug paraphernalia lawyer. Our office can help you win your case. Contact us today to learn how.

Attorney negotiating conditional discharge for drug related offenders

A drug paraphernalia lawyer in New Jersey may be able to reach a negotiated disposition if you are a first time offender whose case cannot be defended by showing violations of your Fourth Amendment rights. A common resolution in these matters is a "conditional discharge." This resolution requires you to take random drug tests, and avoiding being charged with any further offenses during the period of supervision. 

If you have not tested positive for drugs and have not gotten into any further trouble during the period of supervision, the charges will be dismissed (though a record of the charge will still appear, requiring an expungement). A person is eligble for conditional discharge once in their lives. If you have been arrested, do not wait. The sooner you hire a New Jersey drug paraphernalia attorney, the faster you can put this matter behind you. Call our office today.

New Jersey Drug Paraphernalia Lawyer