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Sometimes verbal disagreements become physical. In New Jersey, charges of simple assault are often a result of bar fights, disagreements among friends, or at times, domestic situations. A violent altercation is considered simple assault if bodily injury has occurred to another person. This is true even if the injuries are relatively minor and not life threatening. Such incidents should be considered serious as they may result with you being labeled as a violent person. The decision to pursue a case rests with the prosecution, and not the victim, once charges have been filed. This is why it is important that you hire a New Jersey simple assault attorney immediately even if the victim does not wish to cooperate with the prosecutors. Call a defense lawyer in New Jersey today for a free case evaluation.Elements of Simple Assault

A person may be charged with simple assault in a number of scenarios. You will be convicted of assault if it is shown you purposefully, knowingly, or recklessly caused harm to another. You may also be convicted if your behavior put the victim in reasonable fear for their safety. New Jersey courts have little tolerance for violence and will often dispense harsh punishments if a person is found guilty of this offense. Therefore, it is important to make sure your charges are handled correctly, and aggressively with the assistance of a simple assault lawyer in New Jersey.

John has been fighting for the accused since the 1990's and is very experienced in handling simple assault cases. If the injury is minimal, and the victim is not interested in pressing charges, John will file an application to have the charges dismissed. If this is not possible, John will investigate the case, and determine if eye witnesses were on the scene, who instigated the physical altercation, if weapons were involved, and if you were attempting to defend yourself from harm. Our New Jersey simple assault lawyers will analyze the evidence against you, and build the strongest defense possible. It is important to obtain legal representation as soon as you have been charged with a violent crime. Contact our office immediately if you have been charged with an assault offense.

Benefit of An Experienced Lawyer

Many people who are arrested for simple assault have never experienced the criminal system before. It is likely a frightening and scary time for you as you worry about how these charges will affect your employment, your family, your reputation, and your future. John B. Fabriele, III understands that you have questions and concerns. 

Our office believes in being accessible so that the concerns of our clients can be quickly addressed. Our New Jersey simple assault lawyers will remain in contact with you throughout your case and ensure that you are informed as to the impact of each step in the process. Call our office today and learn more about how we can defend you.

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