Theft charges are on the rise due to today’s difficult economic times. Theft can be charged as an indictable offense when the stolen property is valued at more than $200. These matters are heard in New Jersey Superior Courts and would require a jury if they go to trial. Hiring the right New Jersey theft attorney will make a difference as your case proceeds. Contact a New Jersey defense attorney with our office today for a free consultation.

Theft Offenses

Theft refers to taking or exercising control of another person’s property with the intent of depriving them of that property. This occurs by physically taking someone’s belongings, such as their cell phone, or through “cyber crimes” such as hacking a person's bank account. The most serious types of theft are charged as second-degree crimes. These crimes result in extensive prison time and very high fines warranting contact with a theft lawyer in New Jersey. Examples of second-degree theft charges include:

  • Stealing property that is valued beyond $75,000.
  • Property that is taken by extortion
  • Theft of illegal drugs that exceed one kilogram in weight
  • Stealing human remains
  • Depriving a person of health care benefits that exceed $75,000.

The value of the property in question is extremely important in theft cases. It is the prosecutor’s burden to prove that an item is of a certain value and that a higher degree offense is legally justified. John will have all property independently assessed as part of your defense. Charges may be reduced or dismissed if it can be established that the property is worth less than what is claimed by the prosecution. The New Jersey theft attorneys with our office will also analyze all available evidence, such as police reports and witness statements, and will file the necessary motions to exclude any illegally seized evidence or statements from court. Theft is a serious crime that requires an experienced attorney who understands all the steps in the process. Contact us online or by telephone today and learn how we can help you win your case.

Representing Those Accused of Theft

One of the most common forms of theft in New Jersey involves the taking of automobiles. A person who steals a car will be charged with a minimum third-degree offense. This is true no matter what the current value of the vehicle is. Individuals found guilty of auto theft are also subject to additional fines as well as a suspension of driving privileges. Additional charges will be added if it is suspected the theft occurred as being part of an extensive auto theft ring. Do not let these serious allegations permanently ruin your future. Hire an aggressive New Jersey theft attorney to help you win your case. Call our office today to speak to an experienced criminal attorney, right away.

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