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Criminal Defense Lawyer Near Me in Carteret NJ

Have you been charged with a criminal offense in Carteret, New Jersey? If so, it’s important to work with a Carteret criminal lawyer. Hiring a criminal defense lawyer that frequently works in the Carteret criminal justice system is highly beneficial.

Looking for the right Carteret Criminal Defense Lawyer near me to defend the criminal charges, protect your rights, and avoid possible consequences you could face.

John B. Fabriele knows how local police and prosecutors typically operate in this area, which makes him an excellent source for your defense. John B. Fabriele knows that being charged with a crime can be devastating to your personal and professional life and even threaten your rights and your freedom. Regardless of the crime or the level of the offense, John B. Fabriele, III should be your first point of contact. Call our law office today to learn more about how a Carteret criminal lawyer can help you.

Carteret Criminal Defense for Various Offenses

Carteret criminal lawyer John B. Fabriele has a strong background in all areas of criminal defense. With decades of experience defending residents of Carteret, he has the skills and knowledge to handle any criminal case, such as:

  • Carteret Gun Crime Charges
  • Carteret Assault Charges
  • Carteret Sex Crime Charges
  • Carteret Theft Charges
  • Carteret Domestic Violence Charges
  • Carteret Drug Charges
  • Carteret DUI and DWI Charges
  • Carteret Traffic Tickets

Remember that consequences for indictable offenses and disorderly persons offenses can be harsh, long-lasting, and severe. You need a Carteret criminal lawyer that can provide an aggressive and powerful defense strategy and guide you through the criminal justice system. Contact the law office of John B. Fabriele today to schedule a free case evaluation with an experienced Carteret criminal lawyer.

Frequently Asked Questions Regarding Carteret Criminal Defense

If you’ve been arrested, it’s not only important to communicate with a trusted Carteret criminal defense lawyer, it’s also vital to stay informed with the details of your case and the steps and procedures that follow your arrest. That’s why John B. Fabriele is always accessible to his clients to answer questions and help them stay updated on any developments. To help clients learn how the process works, here are some frequently asked questions and answers regarding Carteret criminal laws, penalties, procedures, and defense.

What happens after I’m arrested in Carteret NJ?

Within 48-hours of your arrest, you’ll make your first appearance in front of a judge. At this first appearance, you’ll find out if you qualify for pre-trial detention, a pre-trial release, or bail and you will plead ‘guilty’ or ‘not guilty’. Before this hearing, it’s highly recommended to call a Carteret criminal lawyer for legal assistance. A criminal defense lawyer can guide you through the steps of the hearing and advise you on how to plead. Do not simply plead guilty because you believe the evidence is stacked against you or you don’t understand the extent of your punishments. Contact the law firm of John. B. Fabriele immediately after an arrest to learn more about your options.

Will I go to jail if I’m charged with a disorderly persons offense in Carteret New Jersey?

If you’ve been arrested for a disorderly persons offense, you do run the risk of jail time. The penalties for a disorderly persons offense are up to $1000 in fines and up to 6 months in jail. Even though a disorderly persons offense is considered a “lower-level” crime, punishments can still be severe. If you’d like your penalties minimized or charges dropped after being charged with a disorderly persons offense, contact a Carteret criminal lawyer right away. Only an experienced criminal defense attorney can help you avoid jail time for a disorderly persons offense. Contact the law firm of John B. Fabriele to learn more.

What if I’m charged with an indictable offense in Carteret NJ?

Facing charges for an indictable offense can be a scary experience. An indictable offense, which is comparable to a felony in other states, is considered a serious crime in Carteret. If you’ve been arrested for an indictable offense, such as money laundering, armed robbery, homicide, rape, or kidnapping, the penalties for these crimes can be significant. Indictable offenses are broken down into four levels or “degrees” depending on the severity of the crime. The penalties for each degree of an indictable offense are:

  • A first-degree indictable offense can lead to 10-20 years in prison, or life in prison, and fines up to $200,000.
  • A second-degree indictable offense can lead to 5-10 years in prison and fines up to $150,000.
  • A third-degree indictable offense can lead to 3-5 years in prison and fines up to $15,000.
  • A fourth-degree indictable offense can lead to 18-months in prison and fines up to $10,000.

As you can see, it’s important to take indictable offense charges seriously. You’re not only facing expensive fines but years in prison. To learn more about indictable offenses and their penalties, contact our law office to speak with a Carteret criminal lawyer today.

Can a Carteret criminal lawyer get my case dismissed?

Yes, criminal cases can be dismissed. When you work with an aggressive, knowledgeable, and experienced Carteret criminal lawyer, you increase your chances of getting your charges dropped or your penalties minimized to the lowest possible level. However, the likelihood of a case being dismissed is significantly lowered if you choose to work with a public defender or if you choose to represent yourself.

A Carteret criminal lawyer that has experience working with your specific charges can design a powerful defense strategy for your case. To discuss your case and to see if your charges could potentially be dropped, contact our law firm today to schedule a free case evaluation.

How much does a Carteret NJ criminal lawyer cost?

The cost of a criminal defense lawyer will vary depending on the severity of the case. It’s important to understand the risk a defendant takes when they don’t hire a Carteret criminal lawyer. When you choose to defend yourself or work with a public defender, you’re not getting the same level or quality of defense. Public defenders are infamous for not having enough time or resources to properly defend a client. And if you don’t have a background in criminal law, it’s never recommended to attempt to defend yourself. Clients of John B. Fabriele consistently report that hiring a criminal defense lawyer was definitely worth the cost. When your freedom and your rights are on the line, you only want to work with the top-rated Carteret criminal lawyer. To obtain the best possible results and to learn more about the cost of a Carteret criminal lawyer, contact John B. Fabriele today.

Contact Carteret Criminal Defense Lawyer John B. Fabriele, III

The Law Office of Carteret Criminal Lawyer John B. Fabriele, III is open daily to take your case. It is essential that you contact an attorney sooner so we can start working on your case. To achieve the best results, you need an experienced attorney that knows the area. We are experienced attorneys defending citizens with criminal offenses in Carteret New Jersey and surrounding areas.Contact Carteret NJ Criminal Defense Lawyer John B. Fabriele, III today to get your questions answered and start your defense.

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