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New Jersey Appeals Lawyer

New Jersey Appeals Attorney

If a jury has convicted you of a criminal offense, you may still have legal options. New Jersey grants everyone the right to appeal a guilty verdict by a jury. That is why you need an experienced appeals attorney who can give you frank advice. John has been practicing law since the 1990’s and has the experience necessary to analyze the trial court record and determine what issues to raise on your appeal. Contact us today to have your appeal issues evaluated.

Helping New Jersey residents correct mistakes that have occurred in a jury trial

Succeeding on appeal requires a showing that there was an error during the lower Court’s handling of the process, and that the error created prejudice in your case. Establishing that there was “prejudice” requires one to show that the outcome may have been different if the lower Court’s error had not occurred. Trial Court mistakes which lead to a finding of prejudice typically include:

  • A judge allowing evidence in trial that should have been suppressed due to unlawful search and seizure
  • A Trial Judge improperly allowing testimony over the objection of an attorney
  • A mistake occurring during jury instructions
  • A mistake in allowing or disallowing expert witness testimony
  • A situation in which the jury did not understand the Court’s instructions
  • A Trial Judge misinterpreting the law
  • A Judge making a mistake with sentencing

The first step is to file a Notice of Appeal with the Court. If you were convicted in Municipal Court then this notice must be filed within 20 days of the time the Court enters your conviction into the official record. If you were convicted in Superior Court then the notice must be filed within 45 days. Contact our office immediately if you wish to appeal your conviction because appeals are highly time sensitive.

Our New Jersey appellate attorneys assist people throughout the state. Once retained, we will quickly file your Notice of Appeal so that you do not miss the deadline. We will order the Trial Court’s transcripts and the complete case record so that we may determine which issues to include in your appeal; we quite often spot issues in the case that our clients did not realize constituted an error on the Court’s behalf. We will ensure that your briefs are persuasively written and timely filed, and will effectively represent you before the Appellate Court should oral argument be scheduled. Contact our office today if you or a loved one has been convicted of a crime and requires the assistance of an appellate attorney.

Experienced and effective appeals attorney

You are making one of the last attempts at regaining your freedom when you file an appeal. Which attorney you hire is an important choice. John understands this responsibility, and takes it seriously. John is a long-time practicing lawyer in New Jersey who has the appeals experience necessary to get the job done and make effective, persuasive, and legally strong arguments to the appellate court. Whether John handled your original trial, or is coming in only as appellate counsel, he will personally comb through the transcript and records, and identify the areas in which mistakes were made. John’s thorough and disciplined approach will ensure that if there is an argument to be made, John will find it and persuasively argue it on your behalf. If you have lost at trial, do not give up. Call today.