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New Jersey Prostitution Lawyer

Prostitution is a type of sex crime under New Jersey law. Being charged with or convicted of a crime in New Jersey, including the crime of prostitution, can disrupt every aspect of your personal and professional life.

Prostitution and other related crimes may be deemed sex offenses, and you may be required to register as a sex offender upon conviction. A sex offender status can stay with you for the rest of your life and carries with it a social stigma.

Under New Jersey law, prostitution and solicitation are essentially the same offense. This is because regardless of whether you are soliciting sexual services or providing them, you can be charged under the same statute, and the offenses carry similar penalties upon conviction. Prostitution, like all crimes, has legal defenses associated with it.

If you were charged with prostitution, a New Jersey prostitution lawyer can listen to your story. Speak with a skilled defense attorney that could build a solid defense for you.

Defining Prostitution Under New Jersey Law

New Jersey Law defines prostitution as an offer or acceptance to engage in sexual activity in exchange for money or property. The mere act of making or accepting an offer to provide sexual services in exchange for money is sufficient to commit the crime of prostitution under state law. An offender may also be prosecuted for loitering for purposes of committing prostitution – or for promoting prostitution.

Potential Penalties for Prostitution

A prostitution conviction can subject the accused individual to up to six months in jail and up to a $1,000 fine for a first offense. A second or subsequent offense could result in up to 18 months in prison, along with fines.

Prostitution charges and convictions should not be taken lightly. A sex crime conviction, including a conviction for prostitution, can limit a person's reputation, liberty, associations, and living arrangements. These charges and convictions appear on a person’s criminal record and are available for view by the general public at any time.

Moreover, in this current age of frequent criminal background checks and easy access to online information, a sex crime conviction can make it difficult to find a decent place to live, obtain and keep a good job, or attend school at a good college or university.

A person who is convicted of prostitution may also be required to register as a state and national sex offender. This requires that the person’s picture be posted online. Since these are often lifetime registries, the accused’s sex offender profile could remain on the internet forever. A New Jersey prostitution lawyer can attempt to mitigate the severity of the charges that an individual may face.

Contacting a New Jersey Prostitution Lawyer

Persons charged with committing the crime of prostitution should always consult with a lawyer before speaking with police officers or investigators about their case or answering any questions. Anything that a person under investigation says to a police officer may potentially be used against them during later proceedings – including at a criminal trial.

A New Jersey prostitution lawyer may be able to help you formulate a good legal defense to your prostitution charge, as well as help you to obtain a lighter penalty upon conviction. If you were charged with prostitution, call today to learn how we can help protect your rights under the law.