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New Jersey Disorderly Conduct Lawyer

Disorderly Conduct is a broad charge that is frequently brought against those in large crowds as well as those displaying obnoxious behavior in public forums. Police often arrest those who are extremely intoxicated for disorderly conduct as a way to avoid riots and keep the peace. You will not, however, be convicted of this offense simply because you were present at a particular event or gathering. You will also not be convicted of disorderly conduct simply because your behavior offends someone. Do not immediately plead guilty if you have been charged with this offense but instead, consult with a New Jersey disorderly conduct lawyer. You can avoid having a criminal charge on your record. Contact our New Jersey defense attorneys today.

Elements of Disorderly Conduct

Disorderly conduct is a petty disorderly persons grade offense, the lowest level offense possible. You may still serve a short jail sentence, pay a fine, and suffer the embarrassment of having the charge on your record if you plead guilty. The charge of disorderly conduct broadly addresses public behavior that others may find offensive or dangerous.

You may be arrested for disorderly conduct for two reasons: improper behavior, or offensive language. Improper behavior can range from behaving in a manner that is annoying to others to acting in a reckless way that creates a dangerous situation. For example, when law enforcement disperses an angry crowd, disorderly conduct charges may be brought against those involved. One may also be arrested for offensive language if they are attempting to offend others in a way that is unreasonable for a particular public setting. Obviously coarse or vulgar language would fall into this category.

You have rights. If you have been charged with disorderly conduct in New Jersey, the burden is on the prosecutor to prove that you broke the law. Once retained, our New Jersey disorderly conduct attorneys will argue that you were unaware at the time that your actions would cause a public inconvenience and your intention was not to annoy or alarm others. An experienced disorderly conduct attorney in New Jersey can often create “reasonable doubt” that will result in having the charges against you dropped. Pleading guilty to make the case "go away" will tarnish the record of those charged with disorderly conduct. Call us today for a free case evaluation.

Building a Defense

If you have been arrested, you may be feeling scared and confused about what comes next in the process. John highly values providing clients with individualized attention. He will answer all of your questions, and be present with you for all court appearances. He will explain the process and ensure that you are as informed as possible. John handles all cases himself, so you know your New Jersey disorderly conduct attorney is looking after your best interests. Call John today and learn how to get started with your case.