New Jersey White-Collar Crimes Lawyer

White collar crimes differ from other Superior Court cases in that they aren’t violent and frequently do not directly involve the use of drugs. Many charged with white-collar crimes are business or government professionals with no prior arrest history. If you have been arrested for a white-collar crime then your freedom and professional reputation are at risk. It is important that you contact a New Jersey white collar criminal lawyer as soon as possible. This is true especially if you have yet to be charged and are still under investigation. For cases like this, time is of the essence! Call an experienced defense attorney in New Jersey today to schedule your consultation.

Unique Aspects of White Collar Cases

While nonviolent in nature, white-collar crimes are serious allegations with severely damaging consequences. Crimes are considered “white collar” when a professional or business person uses their position of power to steal money, trade secrets, or proprietary information or technology from another person. Prosecutors and judges may seek to obtain the harshest punishment possible with these crimes, because these types of offenses may involve an element of violation of public trust. Our New Jersey white collar criminal attorneys have experience in handling crimes of this nature including:

  • Embezzlement
  • Fraud
  • Money laundering

These crimes may drag on for years and are often complex in nature. It is very important to retain a white-collar attorney in New Jersey the moment you are contacted by law enforcement, especially if the investigation is still pending. Our office will study accounting statements and financial records, and will hire expert forensic analysts when necessary. If you are being charged or are under investigation for a “white-collar” crime, you are likely worried about your future freedom, as well as the current consequences to your reputation. Our office will work tirelessly to defend you and your reputation. Call today to schedule a consultation.

Steps to Take If Accused 

You likely have numerous questions if you are being charged with a white-collar crime. John believes in providing his clients with a high level of access, so that he may keep you up to date on your case every step of the way. John is a passionate white collar attorney in New Jersey who will discuss strategy with you, investigate all of the information you are able to provide, and will respect your wishes and opinions. John aggressively defends his client’s rights and fights to obtain the best possible results.

New Jersey White Collar Criminal Lawyer