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New Jersey Bail Reduction Lawyer

New Jersey Bail Reduction Attorney

If you have been arrested for a crime, you are probably confused and scared. Often the only thing a person wants to know is when they can go home. After you are arrested, your bail will be set within 12 hours. It is not uncommon for bail to be set higher than you can afford. John is an experienced bail attorney , and will file a motion to have your bail reduced to a more manageable sum. If you are worried about affording your bail, do not despair. John has an incredible track record for effectively lowering bail for clients. Call our office today if you need a bail motion!

New Jersey attorney helping clients by getting their bail reduced

In New Jersey, everyone is entitled to bail unless they are charged with a capital offense (such as murder) or are proven to be a flight risk. The right to bail, however, does not mean that it will be automatically set at an affordable amount. There are many factors that are used to set bail. Showing that these factors are in your favor will increase the likelihood that your bail will be lowered. Factors that affect bail include:

  • Likelihood of conviction
  • Seriousness of the crime
  • Extent of punishment that prosecution is seeking
  • The defendant’s reputation in the community
  • Length of time the defendant has lived in the community
  • Defendant’s employment status
  • Number of community members willing to vouch for defendant

John will immediately file a bail reduction motion if you are unable to afford the current amount. This hearing must occur seven days after the motion is filed. John will argue to the judge the reasons why you are not a flight risk, and that you can be trusted to show up for court. These will include your employment status, favorable reputation, and family ties to the community. John protects your presumption of innocence and realizes that you should not spend one extra night in jail because you have been accused of committing a crime. Call today and learn how John may assist you.

Effective and trustworthy attorney helping New Jersey residents

John has been protecting the accused since the 1990’s. When you retain our office you gain years worth of insight which many other attorneys simply cannot provide. This insight is based on years of studying, training, and experience, and allows our office to help you get your bail set as low as possible. Our years of dealing with Judges and prosecutors have provided us with an understanding of how different situations will meet different reactions when someone is considered a flight risk. Do not chance your freedom to a less experienced attorney. Contact our office today and let our experience guide you.