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New Jersey Probation Violations Lawyer

New Jersey Attorney Handling Probation and Parole Violations

If you have been convicted of a crime, whether you had to serve time or were sentenced to probation, chances are you want to move on with your life. However, both probation and parole come with a strict set of rules; if these rules are not followed, you may get revoked and wind up getting stuck with a harsher sentence than when you started. John is an experienced attorney who can defend clients in probation and parole violation hearings. If you are being accused of violating probation or parole, do not wait. Contact us immediately.

Defending clients on probation and parole from having to serve longer sentences

Probation is a sentence often given to low risk offenders, or offenders who have no prior record, as an alternative to jail or prison. It allows those who plead, or are found guilty of crimes to avoid jail time provided that they remain offense free, and follow all the rules of probation or parole. Parole is a conditional release from prison that is made available to certain inmates who exhibit good behavior, while probation is given instead of jail or prison. Probation and parole both involve a number of conditions, and violating those conditions can result in a revocation. Issues that can cause probation and parole revocation include:

  • Failing a drug and alcohol test
  • Missing mandatory meetings with a probation or parole officer
  • Failing to complete mandatory counseling
  • Failing to complete mandatory community service
  • Being arrested for new criminal charges
  • Failing to comply with employment or educational requirements
  • Failure to pay fines, fees, and restitution

It is important to have an aggressive attorney in your corner if your parole or probation is in danger of being revoked. A judge has a great deal of leeway in choosing whether or not to sentence you to prison for violating the terms of your probation or parole. Your parole or probation officer’s opinion will carry a great deal of weight with the Court. John will persuasively argue that you did not violate the terms of your release, or, for a resentencing which is favorable to you. Call us today for a free case evaluation.

Protecting clients from extended prison sentences in Middlesex County and surrounding counties

Defendants do not have the right to a jury trial during a probation or parole revocation hearing. The judge alone determines your fate. The judge frequently weighs factors such as your original offense, the opinion or your probation or parole officer, your criminal history, and the severity of your infraction. The prosecution is only required to show clear and convincing evidence that you violated your probation. They do not have to prove the case beyond a reasonable doubt. Hiring an attorney who is experienced in revocation matters can make the difference between incarceration, or having your freedom protected. Contact John today to discuss your situation.