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New Jersey Sex Crimes Lawyer

If a person is accused of a sex crime in New Jersey, it is understandable to be confused and frightened. Simply being accused of a sex crime is a life changing experience that must be contested at every turn.

With consequences ranging from lengthy jail time, paying a mandatory fine, to being forced to register as a sex offender, the stakes are high. People accused of a sex crime often ask:

  • What is a sex crime?
  • What are the potential penalties?
  • How can a sex crime attorney help?

Keeping this in mind, it is vital to work with a New Jersey sex crimes lawyer who can help to navigate the criminal courts, answer any questions you may have, and work to get you the best possible outcome based on your unique circumstances. An experienced New Jersey criminal attorney can build a defense to help lessen any potential consequences you may be facing.

Legal Definition of a Sex Crime

Simply put, a sex crime in New Jersey is any act involving unwanted sexual contact with another person. This can also include forcing another person to commit a sexual act against their will. Sex crimes include, but are not limited to:

  • Sexual Assault NJ Stat 2C:14-2
  • Criminal Sexual Contact NJ Stat 2C:14-3
  • Lewdness NJ Stat 2C:14-4
  • Invasion of Privacy NJ Stat 2C:14-9

It is important to remember that many of these allegations can be classified as aggravated, meaning that the court may consider the charge as more severe.

Regardless of the accusations, some specific requirements are always present for charges to be filed. Sex crimes always include some sort of sexual contact or exposure, involving either a minor or an unwilling person.

An experienced New Jersey sex crimes attorney will be well versed in the specifics of these laws and will discreetly and compassionately discuss the unique facts of an individual’s case with them.

Potential Penalties

Penalties for sex crimes are among the most severe in the New Jersey criminal code. The most serious accusation, aggravated sexual assault, is considered to be a first-degree crime.

Special sentencing guidelines for a guilty verdict of aggravated sexual assault found in New Jersey Law 2C:14-2 require a minimum of 25 years in prison without parole and may stretch to a life sentence. In addition, a fine of $2,000 will be levied according to New Jersey Law 2C:14-10. Finally, upon release from prison, that person will be required to register as a sex offender.

While the potential penalties for the other sex crimes such as criminal sexual contact are classified as only second, third, or fourth degree crimes, jail time is still possible upon conviction according to NJ Statute 2C:43-7.

All convictions also require the payment of a fine and most require registration with the sex offender database. Sex crimes lawyers in New Jersey can help clients to better understand the potential penalties that are attached to any allegation.

Benefit of an Attorney

Being charged with any crime, especially a sex crime, is a stressful and serious matter. Simply being charged with these crimes, even before a first appearance in court, changes a person’s life.

The prospects of an extremely lengthy jail term, significant fines, and a requirement to register as a sex offender, are daunting. When it comes to defending a client against these charges, a knowledgeable and dynamic New Jersey sex crimes attorney is required.

A lawyer will work to protect your rights throughout the entire process from arraignment through potential trial, all with compassion and understanding. Contact a sex crimes lawyer in New Jersey today to begin building a defense.

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