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New Jersey Solicitation Lawyer

Prostitution and solicitation are somewhat common crimes in New Jersey. Solicitation is the act of asking for, encouraging, or aiding someone else in the trading of goods, services, or money in exchange for sexual services. 

Prostitution, on the other hand, is the intentional act of offering or accepting a sexual activity—a term which includes any kind of sexual relations—in exchange for something of economic value. Whether you are accused of seeking the sexual service or providing it, the crime is enumerated under the same law. 

Contact a New Jersey solicitation lawyer to begin planning your defense. An established criminal attorney can help you get peace of mind when preparing for trial. 

What Happens if Someone is Convicted of Solicitation?

If convicted of soliciting a prostitute, the accused could be registered as a sex offender for the rest of their life. They may also be given jail time and/or fines. Even if someone is not convicted, they may face personal ramifications in the social and professional aspects of their life. It can be so important to retain the services of a New Jersey solicitation lawyer as quickly as possible, so they may begin working on a robust defense.

Solicitation vs. Loitering

The first solicitation offense someone is charged with, also called a “disorderly persons offense,” is a misdemeanor that can result in up to one year in jail and a fine of up to $1,000, suspension of an individual’s driver’s license, and mandatory community service. The disorderly persons offense can also be applied to loitering for the purpose of solicitation, which is itself defined as prowling or wandering in a public area with the intent to engage in or solicit prostitution.

Subsequent Offenses

A New Jersey solicitation lawyer knows that any subsequent offense can result in a criminal charge in the fourth degree, carrying with it up to 18 months in prison as well as fines. If a car was used while committing the act, the person convicted of solicitation may have their driver’s license suspended for six months.

Related Criminal Offenses

If someone under 18 years old is involved, anyone attempting to or successfully soliciting them can be charged with child prostitution or solicitation in the third degree, with potentially three to five years in jail and fines resulting. 

Arguing that the individual charged did not know that the participant was under age 18 is not considered a valid defense to the charge of solicitation. If someone promotes the prostitution of another person, they could be charged with a crime in the third degree. Promoting prostitution is based on one of the following acts:

  • Owning a prostitution business
  • Using an inmate in the act of prostitution
  • Causing another to become a prostitute
  • Soliciting a person to go to a prostitute
  • Finding a prostitute for someone else
  • Transporting a person so they can engage in prostitution
  • Allowing property to be used for prostitution
Help from a Solicitation Attorney

If you have been charged with solicitation of a prostitute, you may need to contact a New Jersey solicitation lawyer as soon as possible to understand your situation and legal options so you can move on with your life. An experienced attorney could fight to try protecting your legal rights by building a strong defense.