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New Jersey Violent Offenses Lawyer

The most serious criminal accusations under New Jersey law are violent offenses. These are allegations that a person committed a crime that involves the threat or commission of violence against another. 

Penalties for these crimes range from misdemeanors to the most serious felonies. It may be important for any person accused of a violent offense to obtain legal representation that can protect their rights and defend them in court.

A New Jersey violent offenses lawyer could defend individuals accused of all forms of violent crime in New Jersey. Experienced criminal attorneys could work to meet your goals whether they are to come to a fair plea deal or to take the charges to court.

What are Some Examples of Violent Crime?

New Jersey law does not specifically state what counts as a violent offense under their criminal code. Therefore, a person cannot face charges for anything labeled as a violent offense. Instead, all criminal defendants must face charges strictly defined under New Jersey law. 

Acts of violence include assault, sexual assault, kidnapping, and homicide. A simple assault as purposely, recklessly, or knowingly causing bodily injury to another. It is important to realize that the attempt do cause this harm could also count for a simple assault charge. The seriousness of an assault differs greatly depending on the severity of the injuries and the use of a weapon. Anyone facing related charges should speak with a New Jersey violent offenses lawyer who can help them design a defense.

New Jersey Statute 2C §14-2 states that any sexual penetration of another person done with the aid of physical restraint is sexual assault. This can also be penetration committed against a child or that is committed with the aid of another person.

Kidnapping and Homicide

As New Jersey violent offenses lawyers know, kidnapping is taking any person from where they wish to be to commit a crime. This can be something as serious as homicide, or as simple as violating a custody order. Under New Jersey Statute 2C § 13-1, kidnapping is always a very serious accusation with minimum mandatory sentences.

Homicide is a collection of accusations that involve the death of a person. This can range from an accidental death that requires criminal charges to premeditated murder. These cases are the most serious that a person can commit.The ranges of violations considered violent offenses in New Jersey vary in both their definitions and potential punishments.

What are the Potential Consequences?

From the minor offense of simple assault to first-degree murder, any accusation that involves violent offenses is a criminal accusation. These courts may punish individuals by sentencing them to jail terms, ordering them to pay fines, or requiring them to pay restitution for any property damage.

Even simple assaults can result in a jail term of up to 180 days. While New Jersey abolished the death penalty, a conviction for first degree murder may carry a minimum of 30 years in jail with a possibility of a life sentence without parole.

Help From a Lawyer

Any violent offense in New Jersey can carry serious consequences. A conviction under any statute may result in a jail term and could end up on a person’s criminal record. More serious accusations may label a person as a felon and require jail time.

A New Jersey violent offenses lawyer could work to protect a person’s rights. They could fight the prosecution’s case at every opportunity arguing for reduced bail, more lenient pre-trial conditions, making evidentiary motions, and arguing cases before juries.