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New Jersey Kidnapping Lawyer

Kidnapping is one of the most serious crimes, and involves the acts of removing a person from one location and detaining them against their will in another location. You may be accused of kidnapping adults, however, it is more common for children to be the victims. If you are accused of kidnapping, it is important to contact a New Jersey kidnapping lawyer right away. Kidnapping is an extremely serious indictable offense, charged as a first-degree crime. If harm has occurred to the victim, additional charges will be added. For a free case evaluation, contact a New Jersey criminal lawyer today.

How Kidnapping Often Occurs

People often picture a masked man holding a child for ransom when they hear the word kidnapping. While this certainly happens, the truth is that most kidnapping cases happen when there is a custody dispute between biological parents, and one parent runs off with the child without the other parent’s permission. You will be charged with an indictable offense if you violate a custody order and attempt to flee the state with a child. This will occur even if the child is yours. If you have taken your child out of concern for the child’s safety, the best thing to do for your case is to notify police within 24-hours of your location. Your kidnapping attorney in New Jersey may be able to make the argument that you had a reasonable justification for taking the child. When you retain John, he will analyze your case and determine if there is an argument to be made that your child was in imminent physical danger. It is very important to contact an attorney immediately if you have abducted your own child, even if you feel it was justified. Failure to do so may result in permanent loss of child custody, a criminal conviction, and a lengthy a prison sentence. Call today and learn about your legal options from a New Jersey kidnapping lawyer.

Severity of These Charges

In the most serious kidnapping cases, a victim is held for ransom, reward, to interfere with the performance of a government function, or for the purpose of inflicting bodily harm or terror onto the victim. In these cases, the state will seek the most severe punishment possible. If the victim is under the age of 16, or sexual assault occurred, the sentence will be further enhanced, and additional charges are sure to be brought. If you are accused of this extremely serious offense, contacting an aggressive kidnapping attorney in New Jersey as soon as possible is an urgent priority. John will immediately have your case investigated, file a motion to suppress any evidence obtained against you illegally including illegally obtained statements, challenge the reliability of eyewitness testimony, and build the most effective defense possible. If you are charged with kidnapping, your freedom is on the line, and it is critical that you call our office immediately.