Domestic Violence

New Jersey Domestic Violence Attorney

All couples fight. Law enforcement becomes involved when these disagreements reach the point of physical violence. Being charged with domestic violence can be devastating. It can result in criminal charges, impact your ability to own a firearm, and lead to you being labeled as a “violent offender.” John has experience defending both men and women against domestic violence charges. Do not make the mistake of waiting to see if domestic violence charges are being filed after you have been arrested, you should consult with us right away. Protect yourself, and Contact our office today.

Lawyer defending against domestic assault in Middlesex County and the surrounding areas

Domestic violence occurs whenever there is physical violence, stalking, or harassment between two people who are either in (or were) a romantic relationship, or co-habitating for whatever reason, or are otherwise related. These cases are often complex and emotionally charged, and may boil down to a “he-said-she-said” debate. However, the charges are serious and may result in additional charges of assault, battery, or child abuse. Even if the victim does not cooperate with law enforcement, prosecutors may choose to file charges against you, depending on the evidence. Domestic violence cases also often result in additional consequences such as:

  • Having a restraining order issued against you
  • Being forced to leave the home you reside in.
  • Loss of custody or inability to visit with children
  • Being ordered to pay victim’s medical bills
  • Being ordered to pay victim support, rent, or mortgage
  • Loss of ability to own a firearm

If you are accused of domestic violence, do not take the accusations lightly. Our office will immediately investigate police reports, medical reports, eye witness testimony, or any medical reports and determine the credibility of the victim and witnesses. We will look for witnesses who can vouch for your good character, and immediately move to protect what is most important to you, such as the right to see your children. For a free case evaluation, contact our office today.

Protecting those falsely accused of domestic violence during divorce and custody battles

Falsely accusing a person of a crime is a terrible and reprehensible thing to do. Unfortunately, in cases of divorce and child custody, it is not that uncommon. In ugly custody or divorce battles, one partner will occasionally accuse the other partner of abuse in order to gain full custody, or to appear more sympathetic and win additional alimony. The act of falsely accusing another person of domestic violence is not only an attempt to strip away another person’s custody rights, but also threatens their freedom, and damages their reputation. If you have been falsely accused of domestic violence, you must take aggressive action. False accusations can be permanently damaging. John knows that sometimes victims lie, and will aggressively work to expose the truth.

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