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Middlesex County Prostitution Lawyer

A prostitution conviction may be extremely embarrassing for you and could damage your public reputation. Even without a conviction, prostitution charges could have a lasting impression on your personal and professional life.

The proper criminal representation may help you face a prostitution charge and more effectively pursue a positive outcome to your case. In addition to exploring the unique aspects of your situation, a Middlesex County prostitution lawyer could provide information on the law surrounding your charges and help advise you on next steps to take. Call a seasoned criminal attorney today if you are facing charges.

Prostitution Charges in Middlesex County

Prostitution is charged in Middlesex County under New Jersey Revised Statutes §2C:34-1. Generally, prostitution involves an offer, or the acceptance of an offer, to engage in sexual conduct in exchange for anything of economic value—in other words, not just money. One of the contributing factors to a valid prostitution charge is that both parties must possess an intent to engage in prostitution. For more information about prostitution charges, consult with a knowledgeable criminal defense lawyer.

Offenses Related to Prostitution

Individuals charged with prostitution could also be charged with several related offenses, including loitering with the intent to engage in prostitution or promoting prostitution. The behaviors associated with loitering for the purposes of prostitution could be innocuous and may include:

  • Gesturing at pedestrians and/or motorists
  • Stopping or attempting to stop individuals on the street
  • Loitering in a specific area

Law enforcement officers may patrol areas known for prostitution and look for these actions. However, misunderstandings could lead to individuals being charged with prostitution erroneously. For this reason, any individual facing charges may benefit from speaking with a dedicated Middlesex County prostitution attorney to discuss their situation.

Prostitution Promotion

Promoting prostitution is a criminal action in New Jersey and could lead to potential prostitution charges, in addition to corresponding criminal charges. Actions that may be viewed as prostitution promotion may include:

  • Owning or maintaining a property to be used for prostitution
  • Promote patronizing prostitutes and prostitution businesses
  • Promote engaging with prostitutes
  • Knowingly allowing a property to be used as a site for prostitution
Penalties for Prostitution

Generally, prostitution convictions are minor offenses in New Jersey. A convicted individual may face a maximum of six months in jail and potential fines of no more than $1,000 for their first offense.

However, individuals with prior prostitution convictions may wish to speak with a prostitution lawyer in Middlesex County on how best to proceed, as subsequent charges could result in longer potential prison time and higher fines. In a similar vein, if the court determines that a vehicle was used for prostitution or to transport an individual to or from the site where the act occurred, the court may find grounds to suspend a defendant’s driving permit for up to six months.

Contact a Middlesex County Prostitution Attorney

Criminal convictions for prostitution carry the potential for jail or prison time as well as steep fines and a criminal record. Additionally, a prostitution charge could damage your reputation in their community and have a wide array of social and professional consequences.

Anyone facing such charges may find it beneficial to discuss their situation with a Middlesex County prostitution lawyer. A skilled and dedicated attorney may be able to defend against allegations of prostitution by demonstrating show lack of intent or mitigating the potential damages from a conviction. Call today to set up a consultation and discuss what to do about your case.