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Monmouth County Laws on Marijuana Entrepreneurship

Many people view the legalization of medical marijuana in New Jersey as a solid business opportunity. However, despite the recent loosening of marijuana laws, the sale of marijuana by private citizens in New Jersey is still strictly illegal unless licensed by the state.

New Jersey is not currently accepting applications for the opening of new dispensaries, but this may change in the future. This is to say nothing of the potential for the sale of recreational marijuana if this provision is approved by the state in the near future. However, as of today, there is no law in place that allows this practice.

This guide on Monmouth County laws on marijuana entrepreneurship is intended to provide information for people who are interested in forming a business in the legal sale of marijuana. In addition, an experienced medical marijuana attorney could keep you apprised of any changes in the law and how they could affect a new potential business venture.

Laws Regarding the Sale of Marijuana

Selling marijuana without a license is still illegal in New Jersey. In fact, this can be a serious crime for which a conviction can result in a mandatory minimum prison sentence. As of 2018, the only way to legally sell marijuana in New Jersey is to do so through an authorized dispensary to people with a valid doctor’s prescription. If someone does not have a valid doctor's prescription, then they could potentially face drug charges.

These dispensaries are licensed and regulated by the state. However, as of the time of this writing, the state is not issuing any new licenses. For the time being, people seeking one must await an expansion in the number of dispensary licenses issued by the state. For more information about the Monmouth County laws on marijuana entrepreneurship, contact a knowledgeable attorney.

Potential Changes Going Forward

Governor Phil Murphy ran for office on the platform of legalizing the private use of marijuana. This extends the protections given to people in the current medical marijuana laws. Indeed, a budget bill was introduced that includes a significant portion of the state income as coming from the sale of marijuana. However, it is unclear whether this proposal will become law.

If this proposal is accepted, the sale of recreational marijuana would likely be regulated much like the already-existing system for medicinal marijuana. Dispensers would need to obtain a license and adhere to strict rules concerning growth, taxation, and overall output. A seasoned attorney can work with people to keep them updated as to how New Jersey’s laws concerning the sale and use of marijuana are changing and how they may be able to take advantage financially.

Monmouth County Laws on Marijuana Entrepreneurship are Evolving

As of now, there is no way for a person to open a new marijuana dispensary in the state of New Jersey. All the existing licenses for medical marijuana facilities are taken and none are anticipated to open in the near future.

Still, it cannot hurt to be prepared. An attorney could help you understand Monmouth County laws on marijuana entrepreneurship. They could also help you be prepared if a license does become available or formulate a new business plan if proposed legalization does happen in the future. Contact a local lawyer today to see how they could be able to help you.