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Monmouth County Student Defense Lawyer

College years are a time for learning and growth. During this period of life, however, students sometimes make mistakes. When those mistakes run afoul of the law, they can have repercussions not only within the legal system but in their university life as well.

A criminal charge could result in repercussions such as being expelled from a university or placed on academic probation, in addition to serious legal consequences. Because the evidence standards followed by universities can be different than those followed by courts of law, a mere accusation could lead to a serious disruption of a student’s academic and personal life.

If you are a college student facing a criminal charge of any sort, a Monmouth County student defense lawyer could be of tremendous help. Furthermore, if you must face a disciplinary board at your university, a seasoned defense attorney could ensure you know your rights and discuss potential repercussions and defensive strategies for your case.

How are Student Defense Cases Unique?

A college student’s life centers in many ways around their university’s campus.  On campus, there are rules which are separate from local and state law that students must abide by.

For example, a student housing building may dictate that receiving a conviction for possession of marijuana is valid grounds for eviction. If that student is charged with such an offense and a conviction follows, they may have to move out of student housing. In that case, a Monmouth County student defense attorney’s sensitivity to their potential client’s unique needs could be particularly useful.

Student Disciplinary Hearings

Some charges or accusations may require a student to defend themselves both in court and in front of a student disciplinary board. While such a board cannot levy criminal penalties, they may have the power to expel a student from a university. Furthermore, evidentiary and due process standards in these proceedings may be quite different than that of a court of law.

A student defense attorney in Monmouth County may know more about the nuances of these hearings than a typical defense attorney and commonly helps students address the following types of offenses:  

  • Underage drinking      
  • Possession of controlled substance      
  • Sexual misconduct     
  • Academic dishonesty     
  • Protest-related arrest

Sometimes a student might have a disciplinary hearing but no criminal hearing, vice versa, or both. Regardless of the scenario, a Monmouth County student defense lawyer could be keen to the particular needs of a student and fight for the best possible outcome.

Importance of a Monmouth County Student Defense Attorney

University students work diligently to earn their degrees in order to have a brighter future. However, a criminal charge or dismissal from a university could hold a student back from their potential and make it difficult to find work or pursue other academic opportunities.

A typical criminal lawyer knows about courts of law, but a qualified Monmouth County student defense lawyer understands the particular circumstances that often surround students charged with a crime or infraction. Do not let a single mistake or lapse in judgment harm your academic record or disrupt your life. Call today to schedule an initial meeting and see what your legal options may be.