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Somerset County Drug Conspiracy Lawyer

Depending on the specific details and facts involved, drug conspiracy charges in New Jersey may be prosecuted in either federal or state court. Regardless of where a case is addressed, a person may desire to discuss potential legal options with a Somerset County drug conspiracy lawyer.

A capable attorney could examine the facts surrounding the case and possibly identify potential mistakes made by investigators. Finding inaccuracies before attending court proceedings could substantially help a person succeed in court.

Examining a Drug Conspiracy Charge

The term “drug conspiracy charges” could be confusing and misleading. In most cases, a crime does not have to occur for the charges to be leveled. In practice, the term may involve an allegation that two or more people agreed to commit some sort of drug-related crime or agreed to help in the planning of such a crime.

Although most conspiracy-related charges also require that the alleged co-conspirators have taken some sort of “overt act” in furtherance of the conspiracy, there is no such requirement, under federal or state law, when the conspiracy involves drug manufacturing, distribution, or possession with the intent to distribute. Federal law also typically does not have such a requirement regarding the importation of drugs into the U.S. To the contrary, for drug conspiracy convictions, the prosecution may only need to prove that the person allegedly agreed to join the conspiracy.

It is important to note that someone could be convicted of the crime of conspiracy even though the underlying drug-related crime was never committed. For example, when two or more people plan to acquire a quantity of drugs for the purpose of re-selling them, they may have committed the crime of conspiracy. This could be true regardless of whether they subsequently acquire the drugs or even attempt to complete the act.

Potential Penalties for Drug Conspiracy Convictions

The potential penalties for participating in a drug-related conspiracy frequently depend on the type of drugs and the quantity of the substance involved in the planned offense.

A conviction on drug conspiracy charges in New Jersey frequently results in a lengthy sentence, a substantial fine, and long-term probation. In addition, such a conviction could leave the person with a lifelong criminal record that may affect their ability to obtain a job, find a place to live, or qualify for certain governmental benefits. To learn more about the consequences of these charges, individuals should speak with a Somerset County drug conspiracy lawyer.

Contacting a Somerset County Drug Conspiracy Attorney

When someone faces any type of drug conspiracy charges or may have reason to believe that such charges could occur, they may find it advantageous to consult a Somerset County drug conspiracy lawyer to discuss the various aspects of the alleged incident.

In some cases, especially those with a large number of alleged participants, there is a strong potential for another individual to cut a deal and agree to testify against others. This could significantly damage a person’s defense in court. Contact a tenacious defense lawyer who could help fight against the drug conspiracy charge.