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Somerset County Drug Manufacturing Lawyer

Drug manufacturing may be prosecuted as a federal offense or a state offense in Somerset County. Regardless of what type of drug manufacturing charges a person is facing, they may want to consult with a Somerset County drug manufacturing lawyer.

A knowledgeable attorney could work to protect a person’s rights as they fight against drug manufacturing charges in Somerset County. Schedule an appointment before attending court proceedings and begin building a credible defense to refute the charge.

Understanding a Drug Manufacturing Offense

The term “drug manufacturing” generally refers to the production of controlled substances that have been previously declared illegal. There is a separate crime that pertains to the cultivation and growing of controlled substances such as marijuana. In this regard, both New Jersey and the federal government maintain extensive lists of such illegal substances and these lists are updated on a regular basis in order to cover new “designer drugs” when they become known to law enforcement.

Although the manufacturing process may vary from drug to drug, the crime of drug manufacturing often involves the use of chemical substances, heat, and laboratory equipment. As a result, anyone who is charged with drug manufacturing may also face an additional charge for possession of drug paraphernalia.

Potential Legal Consequences in Somerset County

Regardless of the specific process involved, a conviction for drug manufacturing generally entails significant prison time, a costly financial penalty, an extended period of probation, registration as a drug offender, and may also require participation in a rehabilitation program. In addition to those legal consequences, such a conviction could also result in the inability to obtain employment or housing and potentially the denial or loss of various professional licenses.

The penalties for manufacturing illegal drugs may come down to three factors:

  • The specific drug being manufactured
  • The quantity of the drug being manufactured
  • A prior criminal record, if one is applicable

In general, harsher penalties may be imposed for drugs that are considered to be more dangerous, for larger quantities of drugs, and for a person who has previous convictions for similar offenses.

Asset forfeiture is also a potential penalty for someone who is convicted of a drug manufacturing crime. What that means is that a person could lose any asset that was involved in or that resulted from the manufacturing operation. This may include cash, the actual building in which the manufacturing took place, any vehicles that were involved in the manufacturing process, and any assets that were purchased with proceeds generated by the sale of the manufactured drugs. A Somerset County drug manufacturing lawyer could attempt to mitigate the penalties that an individual may face.

How a Somerset County Drug Manufacturing Attorney May Help

When a person is charged with a drug manufacturing offense, they may want to discuss the alleged incident with a Somerset County drug manufacturing lawyer. An adept defense attorney could review the case and potentially find different legal options that may help a person defend themselves in court. Speaking with a lawyer who understands drug manufacturing charges and can effectively craft a person’s defense strategy could be an immensely beneficial resource.