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Somerset County Restraining Order Lawyer

The consequences of a restraining order, otherwise known as a protective order, can be significant and have long-lasting effects on every party involved in the process, including children. Working with an experienced, dedicated Somerset County restraining order lawyer can help you understand the nuances of the law surrounding these orders.

If you are facing a restraining order, it is important to understand some of the basic characteristics of these orders. Contact an accomplished defense attorney to learn more about restraining orders and the effects they can have on your case.

Limitations Under Restraining Orders

The basic function of a restraining order is to limit contact between people, this is especially true when they are issued in response to domestic violence. To limit contact, the person under the restraining order may not be able to visit their home, school, or place of employment.

In situations where there is a strong history of violence between the parties, the person under the restraining order may not be allowed to possess a firearm. Due to the limitations on the individual’s liberty, it is important to take these orders seriously. This is also why it is essential for someone to consult with a restraining order attorney in Somerset County.

Temporary Restraining Orders in Somerset County

Typically, individuals subject of domestic violence can request a restraining order based on the allegation that domestic violence occurred. Sometimes these are referred to as a temporary restraining order, or TRO.

TROs can require the accused individual to move out of the home they share with the accuser, avoid contact with children, and comply with other conditions the court deems appropriate in a given situation. Once a judge has issued a temporary restraining order, a court hearing on the merits of the TRO must be held within 10 days to determine the next steps in the process.

Final Restraining Orders

When the circumstances of a domestic violence incident, or other situation in which a restraining order might be appropriate, are such that a temporary order is not enough then the court has the ability to put a final restraining order in place.

These restraining orders can be much more comprehensive and detailed, potentially including many conditions that a temporary restraining order did not. For instance, final restraining orders may set conditions for removing personal property from a shared space, determine support obligations, and may even address custody issues.

How a Somerset County Restraining Order Attorney Could Help

Working with a Somerset County restraining order lawyer can be an important part of fighting a restraining order. It is also essential to work with an attorney in circumstances involving violations of a restraining order as they can pose a serious risk of harm and may come with significant consequences, including mandatory jail time in some circumstances.

Time is often limited when it comes to determining your approach to issues involving restraining orders, and securing experienced legal assistance can help you make the most of that time.

Restraining orders can have a large impact on the dynamics of a family and the relationships of people within that family. Working with a dedicated Somerset County restraining order lawyer can help you understand more about the impact such orders can have on you.