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Middlesex County Laws On Marijuana Entrepreneurship

Even though New Jersey has not yet legalized the recreational use of marijuana, there are many entrepreneurs lining up to obtain a spot in the potentially lucrative industry. Understanding the laws and regulations surrounding marijuana entrepreneurship could provide a significant advantage to a person attempting to break into the industry. Failure to adhere to the legislation that applies to marijuana entrepreneurship may damage and hinder a person’s ability to find success in the legal marijuana marketplace.

Retain the services of a professional drug attorney before moving forward with business plans. A skilled lawyer who is well-acquainted with the Middlesex County laws on marijuana entrepreneurship could help someone enter the legal marijuana industry.

Federal Laws May Influence Marijuana Entrepreneurship

While several states and the District of Columbia have adopted laws that permit the recreational or medical use of marijuana, the substance remains highly regulated. In most places where marijuana is permitted for recreational or medical purposes, the cultivation, possession, and use of marijuana remains banned by federal law. This inconsistency of legislation may prompt legal issues for many individuals who practice marijuana usage.

Federally, marijuana is classified as a Schedule I controlled substance. Other substances in the same classification include cocaine, heroin, LSD, MDMA/Ecstasy, Mescaline, and Methaqualone.

A person who is thinking about becoming involved in any type of marijuana-related business in Middlesex County needs to keep in mind that the entire industry remains “at risk” because of existing federal law. Although insurance coverage is now available to deal with the financial aspects of that risk, there is no way to ensure that someone will not be arrested and prosecuted if they engage in any marijuana-related business in New Jersey or any other state.

State-Approved Dispensaries

New Jersey is one of the states that now permit the use of marijuana for medical purposes. In conjunction with that legislation, New Jersey has also approved the establishment of six medical marijuana dispensaries:

  • Breakwater Alternative Treatment Center in Cranbury, NJ (Middlesex County)
  • Compassionate Care Foundation in Egg Harbor, NJ (Atlantic County)
  • Compassionate Science Alternative Treatment Center in Bellmawr, NJ (Camden County)
  • Foundation Harmony in Secaucus, NJ (Hudson County)
  • Garden State Dispensary in Woodbridge, Nj (Middlesex County)
  • Greenleaf Compassion Center in Montclair, NJ (Essex County)

If the sale of marijuana for recreational purposes becomes legal in New Jersey, the six already-approved medical marijuana dispensaries could be granted licenses for those types of retail sales. In addition, it is generally expected that the state will also issue additional retail sales licenses as well as separate business licenses for cultivation, manufacturing, delivering, processing, and wholesaling.

Local Ordinances That Could Impact Entrepreneurship in Middlesex County

It is common for any law allowing for the recreational use of marijuana in New Jersey to contain a provision that may allow local municipalities to ban any type of marijuana-related businesses via the passage of appropriate local ordinances. In fact, several municipalities have already passed such ordinances.

Some of the municipalities that have already passed anti-marijuana ordinances include: Berkeley, Cranbury, Garfield, Hasbrouck Heights, Hazlet, North Caldwell, Old Bridge, Point Pleasant Beach, Spotswood, and Wall. In addition, three counties – Cape May, Monmouth, and Ocean – have adopted resolutions opposing the legalization of recreational marijuana.

Talking to a  Middlesex County Lawyer About Being in Compliance with Laws on Marijuana Entrepreneurship

Even if New Jersey does pass legislation that legalizes marijuana for recreational purposes, there could still be limits and requirements placed on the substance to regulate it. Contact a knowledgeable lawyer before delving into marijuana entrepreneurship. Starting a business of this nature in compliance of the law could help a person stay in business and avoid potentially getting shut down for illegal activity. To learn more about the Middlesex County laws on marijuana entrepreneurship, call today.