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Monmouth County Domestic Violence Lawyer

Domestic violence is a serious crime. If you or someone you know is in immediate danger as a result of domestic violence, it is important to call law enforcement immediately as the first step in ensuring your safety. 

However, once an immediate threat of domestic violence has subsided, securing the help of a Monmouth County domestic violence lawyer could be an important part of your approach to domestic violence.

With so much on the line when it comes to domestic violence, an important first step in the legal side of dealing with domestic violence is understanding what qualifies as domestic violence by speaking with a skilled Monmouth criminal defense attorney.

Types of Domestic Violence

Courts across the country have expanded traditional domestic violence laws, and New Jersey is no exception. In New Jersey, domestic violence can occur in just about any type of familial or romantic relationship. Even violence between a parent and an adult child can qualify as domestic violence.

Domestic violence includes far more than traditional physical abuse. A person can face domestic violence charges if they engage in the following types of behaviors:

  • Kidnapping
  • Falsely imprisoning an individual by not allowing them to leave
  • Harassing an individual in any nature
  • Sexually assaulting an individual
  • Trespassing and/or burglary

It may even be possible to face domestic violence for actions that were not intended to cause harm, but which ended up instilling fear in the victim.Verbal and emotional assault are also considered forms of domestic violence. 

The New Jersey Prevention Against Domestic Violence Act has recently been amended to also include cyber forms of domestic violence. A Monmouth County domestic violence lawyer who understands how to approach domestic violence issues could help victims understand more about the various types and circumstances of domestic abuse.

Potential Consequences of Family Violence

An individual who engages in domestic violence in Monmouth County can be—and typically is—arrested. Anyone arrested for domestic violence will stay in jail until a judge has determined an appropriate bail for the charges and that bail is subsequently paid.

After an incident of domestic violence, a restraining order is often requested and granted depending on the circumstances of the domestic violence complaint. The restraining order process can be complicated at times, and it is often helpful to have a Monmouth County domestic violence lawyer who could try to ensure the right approach is taken throughout the process. 

Restraining orders can have significant consequences on an individual’s personal criminal record, as well as on family law issues like child custody. Violating a restraining order can also have significant consequences, and it is important to know how to move forward if such violations occur.

To read more about the domestic violence penalties in Monmouth County New Jersey go to the Monmouth County Domestic Violence Penalties page.

How an Attorney Could Help Create a Defense

An experienced and compassionate domestic violence attorney understands the significant impact domestic violence can have on every member of a family. There are many approaches to protecting against domestic violence as well as defending against the charges, and no one approach is right for everyone. 

A Monmouth County domestic violence lawyer could take a thorough and dynamic approach to handling issues related to domestic violence charges and can be an important part in facing the challenges domestic violence can bring.

If you are concerned about issues related to domestic violence, contact a Monmouth County family violence attorney to take the first steps towards ensuring you do not have to face domestic violence alone.