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Monmouth County Restraining Order Lawyer

Safety is an important concern for every member of a family. Not only is your own safety important, but so is that of other members of your family. When that safety is threatened, there may be legal options available to help address the challenges those threats can pose.

One way people may protect themselves in the face of certain threats is with a restraining order. There are many reasons for seeking restraining orders, and they are often issued as a result of a domestic violence incident. Regardless of the circumstances surrounding a potential restraining order, understanding how they work and what they can do is an important first step to exploring whether a restraining order is an enforceable action and what consequences may stem from one.

If you are facing or being threatened with a restraining order, a Monmouth County restraining order lawyer could help you determine what your legal options are in return. Let a capable domestic violence attorney advocate for you.

Temporary Restraining Orders

Generally, the restraining order process starts when an individual makes a complaint that domestic violence has occurred. After an alleged domestic violence incident, the person reporting the incident can request that the court issue a temporary restraining order.

A temporary restraining order, also known as a TRO, is a short-term attempt to keep the individual reporting domestic violence separated from the person about whom the order is filed until a court has had the ability to review the complaint to determine the appropriate next steps.

Final Restraining Orders

Courts in Monmouth County have 10 days after issuing a temporary restraining order to determine the approach that they will take. If circumstances warrant further action, the court can order a final restraining order.

Final restraining orders may have many more far-reaching effects than temporary restraining orders. Depending on the circumstances in the relationship at the center of the restraining order, a court may establish terms that have a significant effect on each party involved in the process. These terms may include custody determinations, support obligations, removal from a shared space, and even restricted approaches to allowing the accused individual obtain personal property from a space shared with the person who filed for the order.

Punishing Restraining Order Violations

Violating the terms and conditions of a temporary or final restraining order is a serious matter. In fact, it could result in mandatory jail time if a court finds an individual guilty of defying the terms of such an order. It is important to consult a Monmouth County restraining order lawyer that could guide an individual through all of the aspects of the legal process associated with restraining orders. It is especially, important when there are concerns that someone violated such an order.

How a Monmouth County Restraining Order Attorney Could Help

Restraining orders can be challenging and intimidating, but they do not have to be. They serve an important legal purpose and may sometimes be a necessary tool to use to ensure the safety and security of all involved parties. Working with a dedicated restraining order attorney in Monmouth County could help you feel more secure knowing that you do not have to face the process alone.

To find out more about how an experienced Monmouth County restraining order lawyer could work with you to address issues that restraining orders may present to you and your family, contact us today.