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New Jersey Drug Conspiracy Lawyer

When people think of drug conspiracies, they often think of shadowy organizations or massive global cabals. The truth is that being charged with drug conspiracy in New Jersey is a far simpler situation.

New Jersey does not have a drug conspiracy law per-se, but the crime of conspiracy can be linked to any number of drug charges of various severity. In fact, a person does not even need to be caught personally selling drugs to be charged with conspiracy.

New Jersey drug conspiracy lawyers work with people who have been charged with conspiracy in connection to drug charges. If you have been charged with drug conspiracy, contact a skilled drug attorney who can protect your rights and defend your liberty in court.

New Jersey Laws Regarding Conspiracy

Conspiracy is defined in New Jersey Statute 2C:5-2 as when a person agrees with another person that they will engage in conduct that constitutes a crime or agrees to aid in the planning or commission of a crime.

Consider an example of a pair of siblings. They agree to sell marijuana. While Sibling A sells the drugs from their car, Sibling B packages the marijuana. While Sibling A can certainly be arrested for selling the drugs, Sibling B might argue that they never sold any drugs, they only purchased packaging materials and wrapped the drugs. Both siblings can be charged with conspiracy since they agreed to participate in a criminal activity together.

Even if Sibling A never actually sells the drugs, conspiracy laws allow them both to be charged regardless, because conspiracy is what is known as an attempt, or “inchoate” crime. This means that the crime need not actually take place for the people to be charged.

Using the example again, even though the drugs were never sold by Sibling A, the prosecution can argue that the purchasing and packaging of the drugs constitute enough of a substantial step for a conspiracy charge to be applicable.

Conspiracy Defenses

There is an affirmative defense to conspiracy provided in New Jersey Statute 2C:5-2. This concept, known as a renunciation of purpose, can allow a member of a conspiracy to escape conviction if they act to prevent the potential crime from occurring.

Using the two siblings example, assume that Sibling B gets nervous. Before Sibling A attempts to sell the drugs, Sibling B calls the police and tells them about the entire operation. Both siblings are charged with conspiracy to distribute the drugs.

Sibling B may be able to argue that they took sufficient steps to stop the criminal activity, and therefore obtain a not guilty conviction. New Jersey drug conspiracy lawyers understand the process and guide clients towards this path if they took the necessary actions to stop the criminal activity.

Seeking the Counsel of an Attorney

When a person is charged with conspiracy involving drug activity, they can be confused and scared. Despite never actually selling drugs, they are being charged as if they had.

New Jersey drug conspiracy lawyers can help people to understand why they are being charged with conspiracy and how to properly defend against it.

Lawyers examine every detail of the allegations from why the police say that the defendant was a member of the criminal enterprise, to how steps that the defendant took may have contributed to the furtherance of the crimes.

If the client did take steps to stop the other actors, your lawyer can examine the possibility of utilizing the affirmative defense of renunciation of purpose. Drug conspiracy charges can be very serious resulting in significant fines and jail time. Do not take any chances with your future, contact a New Jersey drug conspiracy lawyer today.