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Monmouth County Protective Order Lawyer

Domestic violence charges can lead to both criminal charges and civil protective or restraining orders that may limit or prevent contact and communication between two or more parties. However, the implications of a protective order alone could potentially disrupt your life.

Protective orders could be issued by the court following domestic violence charges. These typically come in the form of temporary restraining orders and final restraining orders.

If you are facing a protective order, it may be beneficial to contact a Monmouth County protective order lawyer. Your skilled attorney could speak on your behalf and could help protect your reputation following any protective orders or accusations.

Temporary Restraining Orders

Following a charge of domestic violence, the court may issue a temporary restraining order at any point to prevent the alleged perpetrator from contacting the alleged harmed person in a domestic violence case. However, the court could issue the order without first giving notice to the individuals.

Law enforcement officials typically serve the individual who is the subject of the restraining order once the court issues ones. They may also seize any weapons in the possession of the individual.

Any individual who has been served a temporary restraining order may wish to consult with a protective order lawyer in Monmouth County to ensure the order is legal and discuss next steps.

Final Restraining Orders

After passing down a temporary restraining order, the court usually schedules a hearing to determine whether they should issue a final restraining order. At the restraining order hearing, the court may hear evidence from both parties that the defendant’s Monmouth County protective order attorney and the server’s legal representation may present.

If the court grants a final restraining order, affected individuals may be placed on a domestic violence registry and could be barred from owning or possessing firearms. In certain cases, these protective orders may even be permanent.

Typical Provisions in a Monmouth County Protective Order

No two protective orders are the same. However, provisions from the temporary order could be transferred to the final restraining order. Listed below are some provisions commonly found in Monmouth County protective orders:

  • Prohibitions on individuals contacting the alleged harmed person, including at their homes, workplaces, and schools
  • Prohibitions on individuals contacting children, family members, and friends of the other party
  • Prohibiting all forms of communication, including digital, between individuals
  • Temporary parenting or child support plans for those who share children
  • Orders to vacate a home shared with the other party

Violation of a protective order can result in further criminal charges under New Jersey law, which could lead to additional fines or prison time. Anyone who is found violating a protective order should reach out to an experienced protective order lawyer in Monmouth County to discuss potential charges.

Consult a Monmouth County Protective Order Attorney

Anyone charged with domestic violence may face both criminal charges and the civil penalties associated with a restraining order. Any protective order can disrupt your life and hurt your reputation.

A Monmouth protective order lawyer may be able to provide essential information to individuals facing these orders. In addition to representation during any potential court hearing, an attorney could help you avoid additional charges. Reach out today to schedule a consultation and discuss any protective order with which you were served.