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New Jersey Felony Theft Lawyer

When one person takes the property of another without their permission, they can be charged with theft. In most cases, the person who takes the property must intend to permanently deprive the other person of the property.

In New Jersey, and most of the United States, there are two classes of theft, petty and grand. Petty theft involves taking items of relatively low value, and those accused of this crime may face misdemeanor charges.

Grand theft involves taking items that are of high value, and most of the time, grand theft is considered a felony.

If you or someone you know has been charged with felony theft, please hire a distinguished felony theft lawyer, and continue reading to learn more about the court system and its views on theft.

Understanding Felony Theft Charges

When it comes to sentencing individuals for theft, the more expensive an item is, the harsher the penalty will be.

Under most circumstances, cheaper items can warrant community service or a brief jail sentence, but when felony charges enter the picture, the accused individual can face a longer jail sentence and higher fines. The severity of a sentence will also depend on the criminal record of an accused person.

If the person has several other theft charges or crimes on their record, they may receive a punishment that is more severe than usual. These individuals can end up serving years in jail and having to pay astronomical fines.

Potential Consequences of Conviction

In addition to jail time, individuals found guilty of felony theft will have to face a host of other consequences upon their release. When a person is convicted of felony theft, the charge will be recorded on their record. A criminal record with a grand theft conviction can cause the following issues:

  • Inability to find a job
  • No leniency in future cases
  • Difficulty passing a background check
  • Deportation

In short, the consequences of a felony theft conviction can be grave, and individuals charged with the crime should hire a New Jersey felony theft lawyer to defend them.

Mitigating Factors

Depending on the nature of the situation, a New Jersey felony theft lawyer may be able to get the charge dismissed or reduced. Judges frequently consider mitigating factors, many of which can make the court more sympathetic to the plight of the defendant. Some of the most commonly considered mitigating factors include:

  • Is the defendant a first-time offender?
  • Is the defendant sincerely remorseful?
  • Was anyone hurt during the crime?
  • Was the defendant coerced or under any personal duress?
  • Was the defendant the main perpetrator or an accessory?

If the accused individual is being charged with felony theft for the first time, the chances of a New Jersey felony theft lawyer getting the charges reduced will be much greater.

Hiring a Lawyer

Individuals charged with a crime often wonder whether hiring a New Jersey felony theft lawyer is worth it. This is understandable, after all, defendants have the right to retain the services of a public defender.

However, seasoned attorneys have extensive knowledge of the law, and can devote more time and energy to their cases. They can also provide you with the guidance you need during your trial.

New Jersey felony theft lawyers strive to represent all clients to the best of their ability. You can be sure that you will have access to a wealth of legal experience and knowledge.