New Jersey Speeding Lawyer

New Jersey Attorney Handling Speeding Tickets

Even the most cautious driver can get pulled over for a speeding ticket from time to time. While not a criminal infraction, a speeding ticket can often result in large fines, increased insurance rates, and require your time to take care of them. The law office of John B. Fabriele, III, LLC can help. Our office is able to represent both New Jersey residents and out of town guests for their speeding tickets. We will save you time and money. Contact our office online or by telephone today.

Traffic ticket attorney for New Jersey residents and out of state guests

The officer asks you to sign the citation when you are given a speeding ticket. This simply acknowledges that you are aware of the ticket and that you have been given a court time. Signing the citation does not mean you are admitting your guilt. You have the options of paying the fine, admitting your guilt and incurring points on your license, or you can choose to fight the citation. For individuals who cannot take time off of work, or who live out of state, showing up to court is not an option. However, John may fight your ticket on your behalf. John has extensive experience in having traffic tickets dismissed, and can save clients’ time and money by representing them and fighting their tickets. Hiring our office means that you will receive effective representation. We will fight to obtain you the best result possible. Call our office today and learn how we can best serve you.

Hassle-free moving violation services

Traffic tickets are always an inconvenience. It is common for many people to completely forget about a traffic ticket until the very last minute. John is able to handle tickets for a flat fee. John can handle numerous moving violation including speeding tickets, careless driving, failure to use a turn signal, equipment violations, and illegal lane change citations. Having points on your license will increase your insurance rates and lead to potential problems in the event you receive additional violations. If you get enough points, the DMV could even suspend your license! John can help. Call today and learn how.