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New Jersey Uninsured Motorists Claims Lawyer

New Jersey Attorney Protecting those without Insurance

In New Jersey, all motor vehicles on the road are required to be covered by liability insurance. However, there are many instances where, upon getting into an accident, it is discovered that one driver either does not have insurance, or discovers that their policy has lapsed. If you are pulled over without insurance, or get into an accident, you may be subject to heavy penalties and a license suspension. Hiring the right attorney can minimize the consequences and even result in the charges being dismissed. Call our office today for a free case evaluation and learn how we can assist you.

New Jersey attorney serving motorists throughout the state

State troopers and local police will not be lenient if you are pulled over without insurance. First time offenders can be fined up to $1000, will have to participate in community service and will automatically lose their license for one year. Repeat offenders face harsher penalties and in some instances, the Director of the DMV has the authority to permanently revoke your driver’s license. These situations have the potential to significantly impact your life. John has extensive experience fighting charges and reducing penalties. Common situations in which penalties may be reduced include:

  • Instances where a driver’s insurance policy has been canceled without proper notification
  • Driving another person’s car, in which you were under the impression it was insured
  • Driving a car that you thought was covered by a family member’s insurance
  • Driving a car due to an emergency situation

The circumstances of every motor vehicle case is different. John will listen to your story and determine how to best fight your charges. Contact us today.

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Too often, large volume firms handle traffic cases in large batches. It is easy to feel lost or wonder if your matter has actually been taken care of. When you retain John, you can rest assured that our office will handle your matter effectively, and thoroughly. Contact us today.