Shoplifting is essentially a crime of theft from a retail store. New Jersey residents will typically be charged with a disorderly persons offense and prosecuted in Municipal Court if the item in question has a value of less than $200. It is important to take these charges seriously even if the value of the item is very small. You will have a permanent criminal conviction on your record if you are found guilty, even if the item had a value of $1. This record will be embarrassing, will appear on background checks, may effect professional licensing, and can even harm one's immigration status. Do not make the mistake of feeling like a shoplifting charge is "no big deal. It is, in fact, an event which can have a major impact on your life. Call a New Jersey shoplifting lawyer today to have your case evaluated by an experienced attorney in New Jersey free of charge.Shoplifting Offenses

Store owners aggressively pursue criminal charges against shoplifters. You may be fined up to $1000, face 180 days in county jail, and have to perform community service for stealing an item valued at less than $200, making it important a shoplifting attorney in New Jersey is contacted right away.

Shoplifting is a broad term in New Jersey, which refers to many different acts. You may be charged with shoplifting if you:

  • Carry or transfer merchandise from a store, with the intent of depriving the merchant of the possession
  • Purposefully conceal merchandise with the intent of depriving the merchant of the possession
  • Move merchandise from one container to another in an intent to deprive the merchant of the full price of the product.
  • Alter, tamper, or remove labels, or change markings on an item
  • Under-ring merchandise in an attempt to deprive the merchant of the full retail value of an item
  • Remove a shopping cart from a store
  • Possess or utilize an anti-shoplifting or inventory control device with the intent to tamper with labels

If you have been charged with shoplifting it is important to call a New Jersey shoplifting lawyer as soon as possible. Our office can advise you on your rights, and protect you from making incriminating statements to investigators. Call us right away so we can protect your rights.

Consulting With An Attorney

If you are charged with shoplifting, do not plead guilty without consulting a shoplifting lawyer in New Jersey because you feel like you were “caught.” It is the prosecution's burden to prove the case beyond a reasonable doubt and if they are unable to do so then the case will be dismissed. 

John handles shoplifting and theft matters in the same aggressive manner with which he approaches large scale cases. John will request all relevant surveillance video and other evidence once you retain our office, and will begin mapping out your defense. Contact our office today for a free consultation.

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