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New Jersey Aggravated Assault Lawyer

Violent crimes, such as assault and battery, are serious charges no matter what the circumstances are. Even if you were merely trying to defend yourself or someone else, you need an experienced defense lawyer to fight these charges.

An experienced aggravated assault lawyer will advocate for you and your right to self-defense in court. A conviction for aggravated assault can result in a prison sentence, steep fines, and other legal penalties.

Impact of Assault Charges

If convicted of aggravated assault, an individual could also face a great deal of social stigma. A criminal record can follow them for years after conviction, and can impact their life even after their sentence is complete.

The best chance at avoiding conviction is to contact a New Jersey aggravated assault lawyer. While no criminal defense attorney can guarantee a not guilty verdict, an experienced assault defense lawyer can use their knowledge and legal skills to defend them and protect their rights.

Aggravated Assault Defined

Aggravated assault is an indictable criminal offense under New Jersey law. This type of offense is sometimes referred to as a felony. Aggravated assault, like other indictable criminal offenses, is a serious crime.

A conviction for indictable criminal offenses can result in a prison sentence. Depending on the severity of the charge, the penalties for aggravated assault vary between 18 months and ten years in prison.

Simple assault is when someone knowingly, recklessly, or purposefully attempts to cause or causes bodily injury to another. Aggravated assault is similar but the person committing the assault intends to cause serious bodily harm. Often aggravated assault stems from attacks involving deadly weapons.

If a person stabs someone with a knife intentionally causing serious bodily harm or knowing that serious bodily harm is likely to occur, they would likely be charged with aggravated assault.

Types of Offenses

Under state law, merely pointing a firearm at someone, even if the person holding the weapon thought it was unloaded, is considered aggravated assault. Other examples of aggravated assault include:

  • Committing simple assault against certain government, utility company, or healthcare workers
  • Knowingly or purposefully causing bodily injury by setting a fire or creating an explosion
  • Causing bodily injury while fleeing the police
  • Causing bodily injury while committing certain crimes
  • Knowingly pointing a firearm, or an imitation firearm, at a law enforcement officer
  • Using a laser pointer against a law enforcement officer
Penalties for Aggravated Assault Conviction

There are three degrees of aggravated assault in New Jersey, based on the nature and severity of the alleged crime. From most serious to least serious, the degrees are second degree, third degree, and fourth degree. Penalties upon conviction vary for each, and can include:

  • Second degree aggravated assault: between five and ten years in prison; a maximum $150,000 fine
  • Third degree aggravated assault: between three and five years in prison; a maximum $15,000 fine
  • Fourth degree aggravated assault: up to 18 months in prison; a maximum $10,000 fine

The stakes are high for anyone facing an aggravated assault charge. Someone facing this charge, or a related charge, should call a New Jersey aggravated assault lawyer immediately. Violent crimes are aggressively prosecuted throughout the state. A criminal defense lawyer can protect a defendant’s rights during investigation and during the case.

Contacting an Attorney

If you were you recently charged with second, third, or fourth degree aggravated assault in New Jersey, contact an aggravated assault defense lawyer for help.