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New Jersey Assault on an Officer Lawyer

Assaulting a police officer is a form of aggravated assault under New Jersey law. This form of assault is a serious criminal offense. Conviction for this offense could lead to years in prison, and a permanent criminal record.

It is important to contact a New Jersey assault on an officer lawyer immediately upon arrest. Cases involving an assault on an officer are complicated, and you need someone to tell your side of the story.

Your New Jersey assault on an officer attorney will investigate what actually happened, rather than simply relying on the police officer’s report. The state’s attorneys aggressively prosecute assault on officer charges.

You need someone in your corner who will fight just as aggressively to defend you. If you are facing an assault on an officer charge, or any related charge, contact a New Jersey criminal lawyer today.

Assault on an Officer Charges

Aggravated assault charges, including assaulting a law enforcement officer, are indictable criminal offenses in New Jersey. Sometimes referred to as felonies, conviction for an indictable criminal offense can result in a prison sentence and high fines.

A common misconception about an assault on an officer charge is that someone has to actually inflict serious bodily harm on the officer. While purposefully causing serious bodily harm can result in an assault charge, less intentional actions can also result in this charge.

For example, if someone negligently hurts a police officer with a deadly weapon without actually meaning to do so, that person could face an aggravated assault charge.

According to New Jersey Rev. Stat. § 2C:12-1, someone is guilty of assault on an officer if they:

  • Commit simple assault against a law enforcement officer
  • Cause bodily injury by knowingly or purposely starting a fire or causing an explosion which results in bodily injury to responding law enforcement officers
  • Knowingly pointing a firearm, even if the weapon was unloaded
  • Knowingly pointing an imitation firearm at a law enforcement officer intending to threaten or intimidate the officer
  • Using a laser sighting system or device (such as a laser sight affixed to a firearm) against a law enforcement officer
Potential Penalties

Someone convicted of aggravated assault, including for assault on a law enforcement officer, would likely face stiff legal penalties. The penalties upon conviction for an aggravated assault charge vary depending of the degree of the offense.

Aggravated assault is charged in the fourth, third, and second degrees, from least to most serious. Penalties can include:

  • Fourth degree aggravated assault – a maximum of 18 months in prison; a maximum $10,000 fine
  • Third degree aggravated assault – between three and five years in prison; a maximum $15,000 fine
  • Second degree aggravated assault – between five and 10 years in prison; a maximum $150,000 fine

Anyone facing such charges should contact an assault on an officer lawyer in New Jersey immediately. Those facing such charges have rights that will protect them from unlawful investigation or prosecution. To best protect their rights, a defendant needs the help an experienced New Jersey assault on an officer attorney.

Contact a Lawyer

If you are facing an assault on an officer charge, contact a assault on an officer lawyer in New Jersey today. Criminal cases involving alleged assault on an officer are time-sensitive, so do not hesitate to call.